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Dodge Shows Wild Side with New ‘Domestic. Not Domesticated.’ Tagline

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New Dodge Tagline

Dodge’s new tagline is “Domestic. Not Domesticated.”

Dodge is changing things up and showing off its wild side. The American performance brand has recently announced a brand-new tagline that is sure to highlight its US roots, while also reminding people of the brand’s reputation for high-octane power. The tagline is “Domestic. Not Domesticated.”

To celebrate this new tagline, Dodge is releasing two new videos. The first is titled “Warning,” and is a humorous rendition warning drivers of the dangers of driving a Dodge—such as it “giving you the feeling of immortality.” It also goes on to say that “You should not use Dodge if you are allergic to adrenaline, endorphins, burnouts, or freedom.”

VIDEO: Watch Dodge’s “Warning” Commercial

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The second video, called “Unleashed,” is a longer one set to the soundtrack of Metallica’s “Fuel.” It features the Challenger SRT Hellcat that needs to be transported in an indestructible cage. When it’s unleashed, the Hellcat shows off its 707-horsepower engine.

VIDEO: Watch Dodge’s “Unleashed” Video

“Every brand has its own DNA and Dodge’s bloodline is built on performance, passion, and attitude,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Manager for FCA Global. “‘Domestic. Not Domesticated.’ embodies what Dodge stands for as a proud American performance brand. Our cars show off some very American traits—big, fast, powerful, fun to drive—all while being a completely valid choice as a safe and reliable family vehicle. Simply put, when you drive a Dodge, you don’t have to compromise. You can grow up without giving up.”

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This new tagline was created thanks to a partnership between Dodge and GSD&M, an Austin, Texas-based agency that is the new Dodge brand agency-of-record. It first appeared earlier this month in the ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 “Body Issue,” which is an appropriate place for its debut, since the issue is all about power.

Dodge hasn’t had an overall brand tagline in many years, excluding its most recent use of “Born Dodge” in its 100th anniversary Dodge Brothers advertising campaigns. There are specific vehicles within the Dodge lineup that have their own taglines, though, including “New Rules” and “Don’t Touch My Dart” for the Dodge Dart.