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Does It Surprise Anyone that Subaru Won 5 Most Loved Vehicle Awards?

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Subaru earned 5 Most Loved Vehicle Awards

Subaru tied with BMW for the most trophies in the 2016 Most Loved Vehicle Awards

When an automaker goes beyond satisfying their customers and starts making them love the experience of owning their vehicles, that’s when customer loyalty begins and sales increase.

Well, at least that’s what automotive researcher Strategic Vision says anyway.

Each year Strategic Vision publishes its Customer Love Index (CLI). This report is designed to show the amount of love that owners have for a particular vehicle. In order to come up with these ratings, the company surveyed buyers about their overall ownership experience.

Subaru earned 5 Most Loved Vehicle Awards

Surveys said the Subaru WRX was the Most Loved Midsize Car

The five key factors measured include overall feelings, vehicle emotional delivery, advocacy, total quality impact, and total value index. The latter measures the owner’s feelings about what they received in exchange for what they sacrificed. In addition, this study looked at data from 120 unique aspects of vehicle ownership. People who took the survey were asked to rate their experiences on a scale from 1-7. A score of 7 meant they loved it, while a score of 1 signified they hated it. That means a score of 4 was satisfactory.

After the results were totaled, it was discovered the Tesla Model S had earned the highest rating of any vehicle with a score of 652. This gave the Model S the title of most loved vehicle in America.

The two brands that earned the most overall accolades were Subaru and BMW. Both automakers earned five Most Loved Vehicle Awards.

The Subaru WRX was the Most Loved Midsize Car, the Subaru Outback was the Most Loved Midsize Multifunction Car, and the Subaru Crosstrek was the Most Loved Entry CUV.  Furthermore, the Subaru Legacy and Crosstrek were both Mass-Market Winners among millennial buyers.

News Source: Strategic Vision