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Dog Drives Tractor Through Fence and Onto Highway, Is a Good Boy

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Don the dog drives tractor through fence and onto highway

Don the dog drives tractor through fence and onto highway
Photo: Traffic Scotland’s Twitter

Yesterday, a sheepdog named Don managed to commandeer his owner’s tractor and take it out for a spin, cruising for some young pups on what STV News calls a “busy motorway.” Miraculously, no one—human, dog, or otherwise—was injured, though traffic was backed up for a bit. Doggonit, Don!

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It all started when farmer Tom Hamilton hopped out of his tractor to wrangle up a rogue lamb, as you do. In Tom’s absence, Don the sheepdog hopped right up onto the tractor and into the passenger seat (he doesn’t have a license himself, you see) and, by leaning on the dashboard control panel, managed to send the tractor down a hill and into the traffic of the M74 motorway in Abington, South Lanarkshire (that’s in Scotland, hence the sheepdog).

Good old Tom told STV, “I had not put the brake on the tractor, and when I turned round, I got a fright, as the vehicle was careering down the hill, through a gate, and onto the M74.” Tom was sure to add, “Don was fine and did not bark during the incident.”

In fact, Traffic Scotland was able to snap the photo at the top of this post of Don behaving like a perfect good boy as he rode the tractor, though you can see in his face he knows he broke the law. Traffic Scotland even got funny when releasing the photo, using the hashtags #FeelingSheepish and #BarkingMad. Now that’s how you do social media.

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So what’s next for Tom and Don? We’re not quite sure, but if we had to guess, we’d say Don has a good shot at driving like the pros:


News Source: STV News