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Doggy-Paddling Dodge: Dog Drives Truck into Pool

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Dog Drives Truck into Pool

Caroline the dog recently drove her humans’ 1988 Dodge Ram into a swimming pool

Last month, a sheepdog in Scotland named Don managed to hijack his human’s tractor and drive it straight into highway traffic, possibly on the hunt for bones (though we can’t be sure, because Don can’t talk). Not to be outdone by Don the sheepdog, Caroline, a black lab living in North Carolina with her humans, Ruth and Michael Smith, recently drove a 1988 Dodge Ram into a swimming pool.

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Reportedly, the 90-pound black lab is rarely away from Ruth and Michael. She goes everywhere with her humans, but it was on a recent trip to the grocery store that things ended poorly. During the drive, something spooked poor Caroline, who jumped on Ruth’s foot, pinning it down on the accelerator.

Ruth drove the Dodge through a wooden fence and eventually landed in a swimming pool. Ruth says she aimed at the fence because they were going around 55 miles an hour and she didn’t know what else to do, like maybe, ya know, use the emergency brake.

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Everyone made it out of the accident all right; Michael had a few scrapes, but otherwise, everyone was in good condition. The pool, of course, which is owned by John McNamara, will need some repair work, and the truck is reportedly history. But everyone, including sweet, old Caroline, is doing just fine.

No charges will be filed, but a judge is expected to tell Caroline that she was a “bad girl, now go on, git.”

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News Source: WRAL