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Dolph Lundgren Uses Science to Show Off Ford EcoBoost’s Power

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Dolph Lundgren

You may know Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, Gunner Jensen from The Expendables, the first (and to date only) man to bring He-Man to the big screen, a man whose very picture on a mantle was enough to scare away home invaders mid-robbery, or the only major action star to also have a master’s degree in chemical engineering.

Now, you can add another thing to the list of things for which you know Dolph Lundgren: star of Ford’s The Boost web series.

In four videos, Lundgren displays the power of the Ford EcoBoost engine by combining one with everything from skateboards to blenders.

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In the first, the first man to portray The Punisher hooks up an engine to a skateboard. Why? Because it’s cool. That’s why. And, boy, does it ever make a skateboard go fast.

Next, we’ve got an EcoBoost engine fixed up to a pitching machine in the hopes that it can improve its “pathetic” 90 mph top speed. It manages to more than double that number, which of course means that some doofus in a protective suit has to try and take a couple swings at hitting a ball.

The third video aims to take a blender capable of mixing one of Dolph’s many protein shakes and ramp the horsepower up by 30 times the normal number. That causes a pretty gnarly explosion, leading to the creation of a super blender capable of blending fruits, vegetables, silverware, wood, and the original blender itself.

The fourth spot is basically just a sizzle reel of the previous three for those of you who may have missed some of the action. So get in on this one if you wanna see all the skateboarding, pitching, and blending action but have just a bit less time to fritter away. And, hey, if you’ve got the time, watch them all. Unlike Drago, it won’t break you.

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