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DoSomething.org and Toyota’s The Hunt Inspire 99,000 Young People to Take Action

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Back in July, we reported on something pretty cool that Toyota and DoSomething.org were involved in. That cool thing was called Toyota’s The Hunt, and it ran from August 4th until August 10th. Each day, DoSomething.org members received a challenge aimed towards a different cause, including physical and mental health, the environment, and education. The challenges in question were created by DoSomething.org members aged between 13 and 25.

Toyota's The Hunt

Nathan Kress in the PSA video for Toyota’s The Hunt

In total, Toyota’s The Hunt helped pick up 114,974 pieces of trash, donate 68,107 Band-Aids to homeless shelters, make 5,129 cards for deployed soldiers, distribute 13,544 pet safety flyers, share 8,942 back-to-school de-stress tips, and create 2,569 activity books for children in hospitals. Additionally, 10,071 young people highlighted ability over disability via their social media accounts during the We Are Able campaign.

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All in all, close to 99,000 young people participated in Toyota’s The Hunt. Daily participants were entered into a drawing to win one of two $10,000 scholarships, plus a chauffeured concert experience. The two winners were Christopher Norvilus, a 20-year-old Floridian who plays football at Wisconsin Lutheran College; and Lauren Fitzgibbon, a 20-year-old student at UCLA. Norvilus wasn’t planning on returning to college this fall due to a lack of funds, but the Toyota scholarship will help him complete his education. Fitzgibbon, who wants to get into video production, was surprised with a video camera as well as her $10,000 scholarship to help her on her way to success.

Toyota's The Hunt Scholarship Winner

Toyota’s The Hunt scholarship winner Christopher Norvilus

Toyota’s The Hunt was promoted with the help of Nathan Kress of iCarly fame, who starred in the campaign’s PSA video and shared the event with his followers on Twitter, as well as himself participating in the challenge. If you missed out on participating this time but want to get into The Hunt the next time, you can sign up to receive notifications as and when the event will next occur at DoSomething.org.

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