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New Ford Survey Looks to ‘Drive the Conversation’

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Drive the Conversation 2014 marks the 20th year of the Ford Warriors in Pink program, which strives to raise awareness about the dangers of breast cancer by encouraging honest conversations about the disease and how it affects women. As a part of their activities in 2014, Ford Warriors in Pink commissioned the “Drive the Conversation” national survey. The findings, which have now been released, show that there is still much work to be done and a greater need than ever for mothers to have conversations about the disease with their daughters.

According to findings in the “Drive the Conversation” survey, only one-fourth of all women are concerned about breast cancer, and 18 percent of all women believe that breast health is something that only concerns older women.

The results also reveal a need for women to practice what they preach: 89 percent of all women polled say that doctors should perform a breast exam at least once a year, but twenty percent of all women say they don’t have annual breast exams. Further, 10 percent of all women claimed that they have never had a breast exam, and 25 percent of all women do not know how to perform a correct self-examination.

Drive the Conversation

Ford Warriors in Pink celebrates 20 years in 2014.

“Drive the Conversation” also stresses the importance of conversations between mothers and daughters. Among the findings relating to mother/daughter conversations:

  • 55 percent of all mothers admit they’re more likely to discuss breast cancer if the subject is broached by the daughter
  • Similarly, 63 percent of all daughters admit they’re more likely to discuss breast cancer if the subject is broached by the mother
  • Only 25 percent of women report that their mother has spoken to them about breast cancer
  • 37 percent of all women wish they were more open to talking about breast cancer with their mothers
  • 37 percent of all mothers say that they have discussed breast cancer with their daughters despite 87 percent of all mothers saying they feel comfortable talking about anything with their daughters

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the findings relates to Ford’s bread and butter: 68 percent of women believe that the car is an ideally-private setting for important conversations, and 38 percent of women admit that they often wait to have important conversations until they are in the privacy of a vehicle.

“As a mother myself and the youngest of three siblings, I felt that this was a great opportunity to put more light on the important health conversations we should be having more of with our loved ones,” said Tracy Magee, Ford brand experiential marketing manager. “And creating a comfortable space to have these conversations is critical.”

For more on the “Drive the Conversation” survey and the 20th year of Ford Warriors in Pink, check out Ford’s press release.