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Pre-Order DriveClub, Get Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series

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Hey, PlayStation 4 owners! Pull yourself from the unending mystery/endless frustration of the Silent Hills Playable Teaser for a second (trust us, it might even get you that elusive second baby laugh) and sit a spell.

Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series

It’s okay, guys. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait here forever.

The fall is going to be an excellent time not just for gaming, but specifically for racing games. You’ve got DriveClub scheduled for October 7th, The Crew for November 11th, and the really-really-ridiculously-good-looking Project CARS for November 30th. Chances are pretty good that unless you are a hardcore racing game enthusiast, you’re only going to select one of these fine titles to benefit from your $60. While we here at The News Wheel won’t weigh in until we’ve had a chance to play them all, DriveClub is vying for your affection by offering those who preorder through Amazon exclusive access to the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series. You know, that really- really-ridiculously- good-looking Mercedes that puts out 622 horsepower and 468 lb-ft torque.

Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series

The Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series can be all yours by engaging in a transaction!

In DriveClub, you’ll have the opportunity to join or create a Club of up to 12 drivers in order to earn in-game currency and bonuses while experiencing a true-to-life experience behind the wheel of any number of high-powered cars. It oughta be a rip-roaring time. Definitely way more fun than, say, L3-focusing on a telephone for three hours waiting for it to ring while a ghost breathes raspy breaths in your ear. (Full disclosure: it’s actually way better than it sounds.)

Gallery: Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series

The Amazon pre-order offer also includes the RUF RT12 R super car. It is also really-really-ridiculously-good-looking.

Need more reasons to consider DriveClub? How’s this trailer for a start?

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Or how about some lovely, lovely screens?

Gallery: DriveClub Screens (© Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC)

Stay tuned for more on these three games as their releases approach. Also, if you know any definitive way to get the baby to laugh a second time in P.T., we’d greatly appreciate your help.