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DriveNow Expanding San Francisco Fleet By 80 Vehicles

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DriveNowBMW’s DriveNow car-sharing program will now offer street parking in neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. The move, which targets select areas of the Mission District, will add 80 new BMW ActiveE vehicles to the pre-existing fleet of 70.

Further, BMW will be giving DriveNow members the opportunity to name the new vehicles during a two-week social campaign.


“DriveNow with street parking is available in several cities across Europe, and it has been a very successful business model, so we are pleased to bring street parking to the U.S.,” said Richard Steinberg, CEO of DriveNow USA. “By expanding our offerings in San Francisco, our members will find it is more convenient than ever to find and park a DriveNow vehicle.”

Starting later in May, Mission District residents will be able to use the DriveNow app/website to locate, reserve, and park ActiveE fleet vehicles between Potrero Avenue and Folsom Street and 16th and 26th Street.

There are currently 17 DriveNow locations throughout locations such as Palo Alto, SF International Airport, and Oakland International Airport. BMW is working to continue expanding the program throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including offering services to San Jose International.


DriveNow community members are invited to name the 80 new ActiveE vehicles between May 9-24 on Facebook and Twitter. Protocol dictates that names should abide by at least one of the following rules:

  • Use the letters “A” and “E,” as in “ActiveE”
  • Use the letters “E” and “V,” as in “electric vehicle”
  • Use the letters “B,” “E” and “V,” as in “battery electric vehicle”

Examples include ArchiE, EVita, BEVerly or…Escape Vehicle. Of course, the obvious choice for a name here is clearly BEAVEr, or perhaps BEVErAgE, or maybe even unBEliEVAblE.

The DriveNow app can be downloaded via Apple App Store or Google Play.

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