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Drug Dealer’s Chevrolet Corvette Gets a New Job

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Coptimus Prime

Coptimus Prime

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a pretty sweet ride. It attracts all types of owners, from racers to fashionistas. Unfortunately, a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 fell into the wrong hands and was recently seized in Texas from a drug dealer. This murdered-out car was looking at a long stay in the impound lot, until it was sprung on bail by the police department.

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The New Braunfels Police Department has modified the powerful Corvette and gave it a makeover to fill a new role as a police cruiser. We have to admit, it looks pretty sweet. The police department started a contest on their Facebook page to name the car. Kids aged 8-16 were encouraged to enter, and entries included awesome puns like “Lightning McCrime”. The winning name was Coptimus Prime, and it has been turned into a hashtag for the department to use when they take it out into public.

Of all the American cars to become a cop car, the Chevrolet Corvette is a good choice. Could the New Braunfels secretly want to start their own “Supercar Squad” like the Dubai police? Some Facebook users seem to think so, and are unhappy, waiting to call the car variations of “wasted tax dollars,” and question the right of the Police Department to keep the vehicle.

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News Source: Yahoo! Autos

  • cghoehn

    Yeah it was a drug dealer. Not some poor shmo who didn’t have the money to defend himself.

  • NandoGroup

    Why not sale the car and return the money to the city.

    • JR Ripshaw

      Why should they? It seems to be getting put to good use, if it makes a connection with the youth and can help their perception of law enforcement it is worth way more than the few dollars it will bring back to the city so they can waste it on something else!

  • Djs

    It is unconstitutional for police to seize prvate property under any circumstances.. This is because it leads to selective prosecution of wealthier criminals, these funds are used for discretionary spending which doesnt fall under legal scrutiny because they are not tax payer dollars.. In more than half of assest forfeiture cases the accused are found not guilty, however property is not returned because it is often sold or law enforcement is not legally obligated to return the property… For the unintelligent this means any cop can just accuse you of a crime and steal your property to fund his own department .Literally a license to steal !

  • slgam

    It’s an older Corvette (retractable headlights), so wouldn’t bring that much on the auction block. The city would spend a lot more for a brand new cruiser, and this one will retain some decent resale value. I like it.

  • BIGGUN45

    Hi performance car for low performance drivers. Should be interestering. Keep us posted on how quickly they crash it.