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Drunk 19-Year-Old Sets Up Fake DUI Checkpoint, Apparently Not Charged With Underage Consumption

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It seems that some people will stop at nothing to fulfill their dreams, even if their dreams include operating a DUI checkpoint in the wee hours of the morning.

According to police, 19-year-old Logan Shaulis of Somerset, Pennsylvania, parked his car across the road on state Route 601 at around 4am (the time when most underage drinkers decide to do something funny, apparently). Then he set up road flares around himself and pretended to be a state trooper, complete with a pistol (though his shot BBs).

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When a car stopped, Shaulis, following his dream, demanded to see the driver’s license, registration, and insurance. Of course, police arrived fairly quickly (because seriously, how many people are committing crimes at four in the morning?).

As the troopers arrived, Shaulis tried to elicit help from his new friends in the car he illegally stopped, and tried to pass his BB gun to the passenger in the stopped car.

“I can’t get caught with this,” he said.

Logan Shaulis

Come on, man, we go way back. Do you remember when I illegally made you stop and tried to get you to hand over your car information? That was a good time, right?

Police arrested him on charges of drunken driving, impersonating a public servant, unlawful restraint, and a number of other charges.

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Strangely, there was no mention of him being charged with underage alcohol consumption on many news sources. Maybe they just do things differently in Pennsylvania?