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Drunk Man Wrecks Car, Eats Sandwich

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cold-cut sandwich

A sandwich can fix anything
Photo: Wally Gobetz

Sometimes, hunger strikes at the most unlikely of times. Say, for example, you’d just been involved in an accident which caused traffic to come screeching to a halt in the notoriously busy Lincoln Tunnel, your mind probably wouldn’t turn to food. That is, unless you are 38-year-old Keith Gould, who found solace in a sandwich after causing an accident that heavily damaged his car.

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Gould, who was driving from Manhattan to Weehawken, New Jersey, with a blood alcohol content of .11 (the legal limit is .08), collided his brand new car with the rear-end of a heavy-duty pickup truck. The former was heavily damaged, but unsurprisingly the driver of the truck was able to drive away from the accident. Gould’s nerves were obviously frazzled by the encounter, as police found him standing outside his car eating a cold-cut sandwich when they were finally able to get to the scene.

Gould was charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving following the incident. It’s lucky no one was hurt—and more importantly, it’s lucky the sandwich was unharmed so he was still able to enjoy it.

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