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East Street Predator Terrorizes Westwood, Massachusetts

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East Street Predator

Hiding in plain sight in Westwood, Massachusetts, a predator lurks.

It stalks the area around East Street. Experts have noted that it stands at 10 and a half feet tall, only seems to eat a few times per year, and struck, with devastating effect, on August 20th.

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The police of Westwood, to prevent such violent attacks in the future, have released the following video, which records, in harrowing detail, the terrifying incident. Watch carefully, just under the bridge:

As you can see, the predator’s hunting method is devastatingly effective, and invariably leaves its victim’s innards strewn across the road.

The East Street Predator has already claimed a victim this year, occurring earlier this month. Police tweeted out a picture of the scene as a warning, but it seems that some are still unwarily cruising the road.

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Of course, these aren’t the first warnings put out by the police and concerned members of the public. Last September, a video showed the near-tragic incident of one victim was nearly taken out. Before that in July, a different hapless victim was spilled across the roadway as the predator took its due.

The populace is in terror. Police urge taller motorists to avoid the area, lest they too fall victim to the East Street Predator.

News Source: NECN