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Easy Fix to Keep Your Purse Secure While Driving

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Modern cars are filled with innovative storage solutions, sneaky nooks and crannies, and cargo space that can fit anything from a set of golf clubs to a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four. But, still, there is no good place to stash a purse while driving.

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Keeping it in the trunk is a no-go since your wallet is in your purse and your wallet is the keeper of your driver’s license, which is important to keep handy if (when) you get pulled over.

Sliding it on the floor behind you is fine if the backseat is unoccupied (although that placement warrants a twisted arm when you need to get it). Then there’s the floor on the passenger side in the front, but unless you’re diligent about keeping your car clean, your purse will potentially end up with a muddy, wet, or dirty bottom. If you drive a minivan, there might be enough space in the center to keep it within reach and out of the mess, but most cars don’t have the luxury of that space.

So, where does it end up in most vehicles? On the passenger seat, and that works, until of course, you make a hard stop, at which point your purse and possibly all of its innards go flying.

But, with a DIY tweak from Brittany Vasseur of VasseurBeauty, you can safely keep your purse in reach and intact, hard brakes and all.

According to VasseurBeauty, take a scarf, wrap it around the headrest and loop the ends through your purse handles and tie it in. The tweak only takes a moment, and the scarf knot will keep your purse from catapulting off the seat when you hit the brakes. writer Heather Yamada-Hosley suggests also using the scarf to keep fragile groceries or gift bags in place while in transit.

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View the DIY project and other car organization tips from VasseurBeauty here:

News Source: VasseurBeauty (YouTube), LifeHacker