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[VIDEO] Electrified Paint LumiLor Can Make Your Car Glow

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electrified paint LumiLor luminescent car glow 2

This isn’t your childhood glow-in-the-dark paint. LumiLor can actually make your car glow.
Photo: Darkside Scientific

We know that as much as you love cool cars, you love car customization even more. There’s something about taking a standard model and turning it into a truly unique work of art that makes us giddy. That’s why we used to watch Pimp My Ride, right?

If you don’t think any customization these days surprises you anymore, then you haven’t seen the electrified paint LumiLor. It can make your car glow.

This isn’t specially-designed incandescent, fluorescent, or LED car. Heck, this isn’t even glow-in-the-dark paint. This is an entirely new type of light. And it can be done to any surface, including a car.

Your car.

And we have wicked cool footage of the final product in action.

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LumiLor Can Make Your Car Glow (or anything else you want)

While luminescent paint isn’t a new thing, one that doesn’t dim quickly or needs the sun to recharge would be take a lot of work to develop. Luckily for us, Andy Zsinko of Darkside Scientific has done all that work already and he’s ready to share his product with the world.

After two years of intense trial-and-error development, his company has developed LumiLor, an electroluminescent, sprayable coating that can produce light with a jolt of electric current. The paint comes in a variety of green, white, and blue shades and can be adhered to nearly any surface or shape.

The best part: The paint, once applied, can be switched on and off like a light bulb. And, when it’s turned off, it’s nearly impossible to spot.

electrified paint lumiLor luminescent car glow 1

After a couple prep coats, the electrified paint can be applied to any surface shape.
Photo: Darkside Scientific

Basically, LumiLor consists of these layers: a conductive base, two-wire connections to an electric power source, an insulating primer coat, and the lighting coat seen on top. The coating just needs some juice from a battery, and it can reach a half-life of up to 10,000 hours. Compare that to a household incandescent bulb that lasts only 3,000 hours.

Darkside Scientific is currently targeting aftermarket applications, such as custom paint jobs on various motor vehicles, and constantly improving the substance to make it more effective and efficient. But, in the long run, the company is preparing to market LumiLor on a greater scale, including car glows for the public.

Progressive Insurance is already promoting the use of LumiLor on motorcycles, bicycles, and other alternative transportation to make riders more visible, thus making riding at night safer.

We might not have our cars glowing just yet, and we might never have the money to afford it once it’s release, but we can at least watch this amazing video of a LumiLor car glow in action.

LumiLor Lit Car from Darkside Scientific on Vimeo.

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