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Enter Our Giveaway for Motor Whiskey, the Engine-Boosting Fuel Thermalizer

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Engines need a little help working at the level they’re capable of. Years of use results in a build-up of dirt, worn components, and imbalanced conditions that hinder the engine’s performance. This natural wear of machinery can leave car, truck, bike, boat, or any vehicle’s engine weakened. What can you do to bring that engine back to its former glory?

Motor Whiskey, a startup company in Oregon, has released a self-titled product to give your machine’s engine the boost it needs. This additive’s special formula uses thermalizing technology to boost mileage, power, and emissions for many different types of vehicles. Plus, winter is the perfect time to give your motor a boost!

Want to clean and optimize your engine with Motor Whiskey?
We’re giving away two free samples!

The News Wheel is giving away samples of Motor Whiskey during the month of January. Simply enter the giveaway by following the instructions below. The more you do, the more entries you’ll receive and the higher your chance of winning.

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One randomly-drawn winner will receive the Wet & Dirty formula (8-oz bottle & 2-oz bottle) for marine, off-road, & 2-stroke engines. Another lucky winner will receive the Racing formula (8-oz bottle & 2-oz bottle) for high-performance off-road, street, motorcycle, & V-twin engines.

The giveaway ends on January 31, 2016, so you have until the end of the month to enter. The winners must be legal US residents 18 years of age or older. If you don’t win our giveaway, you can purchase your own Motor Whiskey bottles through the company’s website.

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Here’s an excerpt of our in-depth review of Motor Whiskey:

Motor Whiskey fuel additive thermalizer review labelMotor Whiskey advertises itself as the first publicly-sold, commercially available fuel thermalizer. It uses Hydrocarbon Replacement Technology to balance piston pressure and Thin Front Flame Propagation in internal combustion engines. The substance contains no alcohol or synthetic resins, but instead uses combustible, high-energy (HE) hydrocarbon ingredients to counteract the weak energy release and fast burn ratio of ethanol in gasoline.

Basically, it cleans your injectors, intake valves, and fuel lines of water and foreign matter while stabilizing chemical reactions. Motor Whiskey’s formula was originally developed for NASA rockets and has been reconfigured to optimize different types of motors. It can work in any season and does not void the engine manufacturer’s warranty.

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