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Erick Belmer Takes His Chevy Volt to 200,000 Miles

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Erick Belmer Takes His Chevy Volt to 200,000 Miles

One man has gotten his Chevy Volt to 200,000 miles.

They said it couldn’t be done*, but Erick Belmer has done it! According to a recent report out of InsideEVs, Mr. Belmer recently got his Chevy Volt to 200,000 miles. Yes, really.

*No one actually said that, to our knowledge. We’re just drama queens.

Belmer purchased a model year 2012 Volt on March 28 of 2012. Unfortunately for him, he has a daily commute of about 220 miles overall (though his largest commute was 430 miles in one day). When Belmer’s Volt celebrated its second birthday this past March, it was at 146,000 miles, meaning he squeezed out an additional 54,000 miles in just eight months.

Despite the 200,000 miles on his Chevy Volt, Belmer says it runs beautifully. The only work done on it has been his routine maintenance: an oil change every 38,000 miles and a tire rotation every 10,000 miles.

Belmer told InsideEVs, “The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come true! This car is Wonderfully engineered!” Though, we have to question whether the Volt has always been his dream car, seeing as it has only been around for a few years. And his random capitalization almost makes us suspect he’s the fiend behind the Eminem Cadillac Ciel hoax. Just maybe…

Congrats to Belmer on getting his Chevy Volt to 200,000 miles—and a big kudos to GM on a job well done.

News Source: InsideEVs