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Erick Belmer’s Chevy Volt Just Keeps Going!

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New Volt and EV expected in 2016 from Chevrolet

2015 Chevrolet Volt

Electric and hybrid vehicles are enjoying a period of relative popularity, as they save consumers lots of money at the pump and are better for the environment. However, there is no denying that the technology behind these vehicles is relatively new. Are plug-in cars and hybrids ready for the long haul, or will they need extensive maintenance to stay on the road?

Well, thanks to Erick Belmer of Ohio, it looks like the Chevrolet Volt will do okay for itself. Belmer owns a 2012 Chevrolet Volt and uses it to commute to work every day. We’re aware that doesn’t sound very impressive, but when you consider that his round-trip daily commute usually averages out at 240 miles, you begin to understand the durability test his Chevy Volt has gone through! On some days, Belmer might drive as many as 430 miles. All of this driving adds up fast, and currently the Chevy Volt has over 247,000 miles on the odometer.

According to Erick Belmer’s calculations, his Chevy Volt has achieved a lifetime combined or blended rating of 59.4 mpg, including both gas and electric miles. His 2012 Chevrolet Volt has the smallest battery pack available in the first generation with 16.4 kilowatt hours for an electric range of 35 miles, so to achieve this rating, he charged the car both at home and at work.

We have been following Erick’s Volt on The News Wheel, and we’re impressed that the car is still making the commute every day. His recent calculations are going a long way to show not only how durable a hybrid or electric car is, but if the mpg ratings are really accurate.The combined mpg also beats the Toyota Prius, which is reported to have a combined 50 mpg combined.

2016-Chevrolet-Volt-010 (640x499)

All-New 2016 Chevrolet Volt

After all of those miles, Belmer says that the car is performing well. He hasn’t noticed any noticeable loss in battery capacity, and he is still sticking to his maintenance plan of an oil change every 38,000 miles and tire rotations every 10,000 miles.

The best part? Erick Belmer named his Chevy Volt “Sparkie,” and he was so happy with his purchase that he now owns a second Volt.