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European BMW Car Seats Are Pretty Darn Sharp

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BMW vehicles are known for their sportiness and luxury, two things that young children usually are not concerned with. Many car seats that help carry them are rather drab affairs that no one wants to show off. They perform the job they were designed for, and that’s it. BMW is trying to change all that with the three car seats it has developed for children in Europe.

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The BMW Original child seats are considered part of the BMW accessory lineup, and of course they perfectly fit the aesthetic of a BMW vehicle. All three seats are available in a black-and-blue or black-and-grey color scheme, which is classic BMW. BMW BABY SEAT GROUP 0+ (yes, they spelled it in all caps) is meant for infants up to 15 months, with a classic carrier that sits on an ISOFIX base. It faces the rear of the car, and has a carrying handle that is easily moved with one hand.

As a child grows older, they can move up to BMW JUNIOR SEAT GROUP 1 seat. It is best suited for children between the ages of 12 months old to four years. The same ISOFIX base from the BABY SEAT GROUP 0+ can be used for this seat, and it can be configured as rear facing when the child is younger and then turned around to face front as time goes on.

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Lastly, children from age 3 to 12 are the right size for the BMW JUNIOR SEAT GROUP 2/3. This child seat is a booster chair, and allows the child to use the BMW car’s seat belt instead of a harness to sit. It adjusts easily for different heights and widths with just one hand.

European parents with children on the way can rest assured that their child will always ride in style with BMW. Maybe the child seats will make it over to the United States soon.

  • Diana Bernal

    For me the BABYSEAT 0 looks almost identical to junior seat 1. What is the difference for both ? Besides the weight of the baby. They can really have a big difference? Or it is just a marketing thing to buy a new one in 12 months?