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Even Without CGI, Mad Max: Fury Road Still Features Maximum Madness

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Mad Max: Fury Road behind the scenes footage

In case you can’t tell, a lot of us here at The News Wheel are big fans of the Ozsploitation/carsploitation/awesomesaucesploitation blockbuster action film Mad Max: Fury Road.

That’s why we’ve taken such joy in calling your attention to videos like that Mad Max/Mario Kart mash up video, that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt mash up, and that 1980s-themed fan trailer.

The latest video shows some behind the scenes footage of the film’s various stunt scenes being filmed, sans special effects.

Take a look:

As you can see, even without the computer-generated imagery, Mad Max: Fury Road still kicks a considerable amount of ass.

Hopefully this video will be a lesson to Hollywood filmmakers looking to revitalize an action movie franchise from the 198’s, reminding them that CGI is best used to enhance a movie, not to define it.

There were a lot of things wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and most of them were named Shia, but one of the BIGGEST problems was the overreliance on CGI. It’s hard to feel like you’re watching an action movie and not a cartoon when even the prairie dogs are animated.

By contrast, the practical stunts in Fury Road are already pretty incredible feats of stunt driving, and the added-on special effects provide just the right amount of sweetening.

It’s great that director George Miller was able to show such restraint, considering how much computer animation he used in his previous feature film—Happy Feet Two.