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Expansion of Ford’s Hot Shot Program Makes Getting Parts Faster, Easier

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Hot Shot parts delivery system

There is little more frustrating than taking your vehicle in for some kind of repair only to find out that it will take days—maybe even a week—before the necessary part or parts will arrive. Ford understands this frustration and is attempting to undercut it with Hot Shot express parts delivery, which pledges to fulfill parts needs within two hours.

According to Andrew Idler, manager, Wholesale Operations, Ford Customer Service Division, Hot Shot express has grown from serving only a few dealers in the United States to more than 300 in the span on just a few years, and the popularity of the program is likely to only increase that expansion exponentially in the years to come.

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“Improving the customer experience has been top of mind for Ford and the entire Ford Customer Service Division operation,” said Frederiek Toney, president, Global Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD). “From initiatives such as Hot Shot express parts delivery to the 2016 relaunch of the Motorcraft parts brand to the 2017 introduction of the Omnicraft line of parts and innovative pilot programs such as the Smart Service Kiosk, everything we are doing revolves around providing better service to our customers and helping dealers grow their business.”

One Ford dealer in East Rochester, New York estimates that the reduced wait times provided by routine Hot Shot deliveries has helped to improve his customer base by as much as 125%. Another Ford dealers in Ford’s hometown of Dearborn notes that they take between 100-150 Hot Shot deliveries every week, with parts going out to approximately 40 different customers up to and including other area dealers and independent shops.

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