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Extended Version of Lambert’s ‘Roots and Wings’ Ram Song Debuts

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Miranda Lambert has put out an extended version of 'Roots and Wings' Ram song

Miranda Lambert has put out an extended version of ‘Roots and Wings’ Ram song

Last week, Miranda Lambert and Ram Trucks released an extended version of the “Roots and Wings” song that Lambert performed for a Ram commercial. The extended version video was originally only available on Yahoo! but it is now viewable on YouTube or, conveniently, right here.

When the shorter version debuted earlier this year, it was met with positive fan reaction—fans of both Lambert and Ram, and the cross-section of the two, Rambert. Lambert even took a 60-second version of the song to her “Certified Platinum Tour,” which she wrapped up in April. Because it was received so well, Lambert and Ram decided to put out the long-form commercial with the new, never-before-heard verses.

“You always strive to work with an artist who is willing to put their heart and soul into a partnership and Miranda Lambert does just that with Ram, writing a custom song inspired by our brand,” remarkedd Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for Fiat Chrysler. “To see so many of our mutual fans embrace the small portion of the ‘Roots and Wings’ song used in our Ram marketing campaign, compelled us to create a long-form version of the video which is quite special and unique.”

“Roots and Wings” is a personal song for Lambert, telling the story about where she comes from (roots) and where she is going (wings). The message tied perfectly with Ram’s story.