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Fact-Averse President-Elect Threatens General Motors with Border Tax

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The official starting MSRP of the 2017 Chevy Cruze hatchback will be $22,190

In case you are waking up from an extended coma and are not immediately able to ascertain the nightmare that was 2016, it may behoove you to know right up front that America decided it was in its best interests to elect a contemptible moron president. So, hey, Happy New Year.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, aforesaid contemptible moron expressed the erroneous belief that Ford, by virtue of following through on a plan more than a year in the making and moving small-car production to a new plant in Mexico, was threatening to fire all of its employees in the United States. Since this contemptible moron’s base is other contemptible morons, a great many of his constituents glommed onto this idea without question and did their best to ignore the great many signs pointing to the conclusion that their candidate was lying to them. As such, the next President of the United States is a man who is not beholden to the truth, which gives him free license to say whatever comes into his tiny, racist brain and not be held accountable for it.

Unabated, the contemptible moron who will in a matter of days become the President of the United States will no doubt continue to swindle the American public for the duration of his contemptible and moronic presidency. On Tuesday, he continued his bid to influence the actions of the automotive industry through misrepresentation of the truth, offering the following tweet:

Donald Trump is an insipid moron

General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border. Make in U.S.A. or pay big border tax!” reads the tweet from the barely-coherent president-elect. What he failed to elucidate—presumably because he seems incapable of expressing himself with anything above a fourth-grader’s level of articulation—is that the version of the Cruze built in Mexico and sold in the United States is the new, low-volume Cruze Hatchback. But, hey, since when did facts mean anything?

General Motors responded with the following statement:

General Motors manufactures the Chevrolet Cruze sedan in Lordstown, Ohio. All Chevrolet Cruze sedans sold in the U.S. are built in GM’s assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio. GM builds the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback for global markets in Mexico, with a small number sold in the U.S.

Automotive News adds that GM announced a $350 million investment plan in March that would see the next-gen Cruze built at its plant in Coahuila, all the while confirming that it would continue manufacturing the Cruze sedan in Ohio for domestic sales.

One commenter on Auto News’ article replied with the following:


How is it that a random internet commenter has more insight on the matter than the president-elect and self-professed good-brain-having businessman? Would it be possible to nominate Trever for president? Would it be possible to just nominate his comment for president? An insentient paragraph would certainly be a more capable choice than that racist handbag.

In any case, the contemptible moron who will in 17 days render any prestige that comes with holding the office of President of the United States moot is liable to continue tweeting half-truths and outright lies with the eloquence of a kid getting a C- in English, and people will continue to gobble it up like the words of an illiterate prophet. Nobody would blame you if you decided that coma sounded much more welcoming than being awake and aware in the United States for the next little while.

Update: Car and Driver points out that GM imported 8,400 Cruze sedans from Mexico in September-November to support the model’s launch. This much was reported by Youngstown’s WBKN 27 in June, but it did not make national headlines seemingly by virtue of not having been noticed the aforementioned contemptible moron. GM Corporate News Relations Director Pat Morrissey says, “We were very clear about that, very transparent about it.” It is noted that many of these imports remain unsold. Thanks for the tip, Nuh!

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)


  • Kyle JohnsonEditor

    Kyle S. Johnson lives in Cincinnati, a city known by many as "the Cincinnati of Southwest Ohio." He enjoys professional wrestling, Halloween, and also other things. He has been writing for a while, and he plans to continue to write well into the future. See more articles by Kyle.

  • Nuh Yo

    Speaking of stupid, it appears that you are the moron. Did you fact check GM’s statement? No of course not. That would require ethics and work. GM is selling Mexican made Cruse’s all over the United States. And that my friend is the sound of your creditability flying out the window, D-bag.

    • Kyle

      Hi, Nuh.

      Of the 190,000 or so Cruzes sold in the United States last year, only about 2.4% were hatchbacks, which is pretty much exactly what I meant in the above article when I said low-volume. GM’s sales reports are pretty easy to find if you want to double check the numbers. Otherwise, no, the Cruze sedan built in Mexico is not sold in the United States.

      But, hey, please feel free to show your work and cite a source disproving that. While you’re at it, and I really hate to be that guy, please consider learning the proper spelling of the vehicle’s name next time. Makes you sound a bit more credible. Well, I say a bit.

      • Nuh Yo

        Read this and learn.

        And this.

        And this top it off, here is one of the MANY Cruze sedan models that you and GM claim don’t exits. Never take GM’s word on anything. Even if it fits with your agenda. That is unless you don’t care you look like an idiot and ruin any credibility you and has.

        • Kyle

          What you have here ostensibly says that GM imported a small number of Cruze sedans to support its launch last year, and that several of those vehicles remain unsold on dealership lots today.

          It also notes that GM volunteered this information to the public in June, which would fly in the face of the idea that this is some effort to deceive the public by selling ill-gotten goods and undermining American jobs. It is funny to note, however, how quick people are to zero in on the idea of a vehicle being imported from Mexico when GM openly imports vehicles from Canada, not to mention various countries in Asia and Europe. I can only guess at the key motivating factor behind this disparity in thought.

          This would serve to make GM’s statement inaccurate if you presume that it is a reference to every Cruze sedan ever sold in the United States. This would be, in fact, wrong. The US-sold first-generation Cruze was built both in Ohio and Hanoi. But if it is in reference to the 2017 Cruze sedan, setting aside the Mexican-imported examples publicly acknowledged as part of the vehicle’s launch strategy and would represent less than 5 percent of all Cruzes sold in the United States in 2016 if one assumes they were all sold (which they were not), the US-sold Cruze sedan is only built in Lordstown.

          One could reasonably make the argument that a blanket statement like that is a bit disingenuous. Perhaps GM could have elaborated more! That may very well be true—at Morrissey, GM’s corporate news relations director told Car and Driver that the statement addresses the vehicles being built at present, which is a bit iffy. But, hey, not for nothing, if we want to hold GM to the standard of elucidating fact in explicit, detail, I think it’s reasonable to hold the garbage fire that is the president-elect to that same standard.

          While the information here is notable (and will be included in an update of the original piece!), it does not confirm the assertion that GM is actively sending the Cruze sedan to dealerships from Mexico. If the issue is with the import of the Cruze hatchback, which represents 2.4 percent of 2016 sales, then I might suggest that the president-elect pursues changes to or the outright repeal of NAFTA as opposed to, say, tweeting.

          Moreover, this does not change the larger thrust of what I wrote: that the president-elect is an utterly, utterly contemptible moron. There is no information that could come to light proving otherwise, I’m afraid.

        • Nuh Yo

          You got caught lying and you rationalize it by saying Trump lies so its ok for me to lie as well. Trump is a politician and you are supposed to be some kind of reporter for, what I assume to be some legitimate news website. Real reporters are supposed to seek out the truth, not make up lies to push an agenda. Instead of being a man and saying I messed up you write a bunch of BS to support your lie.

          You took GM’s word, which was not at all smart even if it fits with your political agenda. You and your website are a FAKE NEWS site. Even when faced with the facts that show you lied, you refuse to admit the truth. Credibility is not a boomerang. When you throw it out, it doesn’t come back.

        • Kyle

          Meh, I’m not really interested in trying to explain the multitudinous differences between “lying” and “having to update an article when additional information is brought to light three days after it was originally written,” nor in emphasizing again that the thrust of the article was more aimed at pointing out that the president-elect is a contemptible moron than to assert GM’s righteousness or whatever. You feel free to connect the dots however you wish!

        • Nuh Yo

          Don’t let your bias get in the way of the truth. Also you need to change the title of your story or you will continue to look like a fake news reporter. Lots of people are watching.