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Fake Roadblock Dashcam Video is the Stuff of Nightmares

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Halloween may have been a few days ago, but we’re reasonably sure that this video of a fake roadblock that was uploaded to YouTube on November 3 by Ivan Tukhtin would qualify among the scariest things you’ll see all year.

The setup itself—Tukhtin driving on an almost entirely unlit stretch of Interstate 78 West before hitting the New Jersey Turnpike—appears to be like something out of a horror movie right from the jump. It bears more than a little bit of a passing resemblance to one of those screamer videos, so much so that you almost expect the hideously scarred face of Regan MacNeil to pop up from the bottom of the frame and make you fall out of your chair.

There may not be a screamer jump scare, but what Tukhtin eventually happens upon is arguably far more terrifying: a haphazardly-made fake road block that consists of two traffic cones in the middle of the road.

Fake roadblock dashcam video

And there in the darkness to the right, you can see a hooded figure shambling into focus. When Tukhtin attempts to veer left, the figure steps into the road as if to block his path.

In an email to Jalopnik, Tukhtin said that it smacked immediately of a set up for something nefarious, and that one the person on the road reached into their pockets, he steered between the cones, drove off, and eventually called the police.

Turns out that he wasn’t the only one. Another call came in, and New Jersey State Police eventually arrested 37-year-old Kareem Walston and 36-year-old Hashen Clark for hindering. According to ABC 7, one of the men was also booked for a DWI, which could explain the awkward walking pattern of the man in the video.

Whether this fake roadblock was a misguided effort at getting help or some kind of attempted robbery remains as-yet-unknown, but it’s a fair bet that Tukhtin did the right thing by getting out of there and it’s extremely fortunate that nobody got hurt.