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Famous Fairy Tales Remixed in New Toyota Ad Campaign

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Toyota Cinderella Ad

Toyota has a fresh new car on the block—the 2018 Toyota C-HR—and thus needed a fresh new way to advertise it, which somehow led to them turning to old fairy tales for inspiration.

The new ad campaign for the C-HR is called “A New Story Beings” and includes remixes of famous fairy tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the Gingerbread Man. However, the theme isn’t so much about fairy tales as it is mischief, as according to Toyota, the car was built for “mischief-makers and trend-setters.”

Hiro Koba, the chief engineer behind the C-HR, is a “diehard racer with speed coursing through his veins” who ensured the crossover was exhilarating to drive at all times (we wonder, then, why it only has a 2.0-liter four-pot under the hood with a CVT automatic).

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“The all-new C-HR is truly unlike any vehicle Toyota has ever launched,” said Ed Laukes, Toyota USA’s group VP of marketing. “One of our main objectives was to spark interest and enthusiasm in a creative campaign equally as captivating as the vehicle itself. The fairy tales we use in the creative elements are timeless classics, but we’re telling them in a fresh and mischievous way.”

Toyota also hired Bad Lip Reader—a prominent YouTube personality who intentionally poorly lip reads famous movie clips, speeches or other media for comedic effect—to re-dub some of the automaker’s commercials in his famous style.

The campaign also includes multicultural sports targeted to African American, Asian, and Hispanic audiences, and has already begun airing all around the world via traditional and digital media. You can see them for yourself over at Toyota’s official YouTube channel.

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