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Father Takes Five-Year-Old Son Drifting For Father-Son Bonding

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Father-Son Bonding

Anton Avdeev and his son bonded with some drifting
Photo: YouTube

Seeing a father and son bonding is always one way to warm the cockles of the soul. But one father has decided to take father-son bonding time to a whole new level—and gotten it all on tape.

Anton Avdeev, a drifter, is known for taking his five-year-old son on his drifting sessions for the past few years. Now, the father-son duo was caught drifting together on camera, and we have to say—it’s one entertaining video.

Watch the father-son duo drift:

The video starts out innocent enough with Avdeev’s son helping his dad change out a tire. Then, you see Avdeev buckling his son in, tugging on your heart strings while you think, “Aw, that’s cute! He’s going to let his son ride shotgun while he takes a leisurely lap around the track!”

Well… you were right about one thing. Avdeev is definitely taking his son for a lap around the track. But it’s most definitely not leisurely, as you might guess from the burnout at the 37-second mark.

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As the tires squeal, Avdeev seems to effortlessly drift around the track’s first curve as his son makes the funniest expression of unadulterated excitement/fear to ever grace the face of a human being, screaming all the way while his father grins. It’s possible the son might pretend to pass out for a bit—or he actually passes out. It’s hard to tell.

As the duo slows, they share a high-five and Avdeev’s son pulls a face, showing us that he truly was having the time of his life.

If that isn’t a loving father-son relationship, I don’t know what is.

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