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FCA’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant to Close by the End of August

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As the Dodge Viper is being phased out, FCA is planning to close the plant where it is assembled by the end of the month

The Viper’s nest is being laid to rest

Losing the Dodge Viper is a sad circumstance for Detroit for a number of reasons. Now that the Dodge Viper has been discontinued, America has one less supercar that is built in-house, and the Motor City has one less vehicle that it directly exports.

Furthermore, Detroit must also prepare to lose one more of its remaining automotive factories, as FCA is closing down the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant by the end of August.

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What is today known as the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant opened in 1966 as the Champion Spark Plug plant. In 1995, Chrysler purchased the factory, and soon after began producing models of the Dodge Viper at this location.

With the Dodge Viper leaving production after 25 years, it’s unsurprising to hear that the Viper’s nest at Conner Avenue will also be phased out. The assembly plant will cease operation on August 31.

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FCA has assured the 87 employees that work at the plant that it plans to offer them all jobs at other FCA factory locations. Said workers are represented by UAW Local 212.

With the closure of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, FCA will have two remaining Detroit-area factories nearby. FCA currently operates the Jefferson North Assembly Plant on the east side of the Motor City, while the Warren Truck Plant is located near where the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant is currently located.

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FCA’s ultimate plans for the closing plant are currently unknown. Still, FCA spokesperson Jodi Tinson alluded to a potential future for the plant down the road.

The Conner Avenue Assembly Plant housed the production of roughly 30,000 Dodge Viper vehicles during the supercar’s lifetime. As the final chapter of the Viper’s story comes to its conclusion, so to does the assembly plant’s story approach an ending of its own.

News Source: The Detroit News