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Fifth-Gen Opel Corsa Sales Surpass 750,000 Units

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Five generations of Opel Corsa

The fifth-generation Opel Corsa launched in 2014, and in the three years since, it has established itself as one of the brand’s best-sellers. Opel last week delivered its 750,000th Corsa, extending the legacy of a vehicle that has seen more than 13 million sales since debuting in 1982.

In the 35 years between launch and this latest milestone, the Corsa has collected a number of awards. More recently, it was named Ireland’s “Small Car of the Year 2016,” Germany’s “Most Sensible Car 2015” and “Value Champion 2015,” and AUTOBEST’s “Best Buy Car of Europe for 2015.” With the continued success of its newest generation, the Corsa shows no signs of slowing down.

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Fifth-generation Opel Corsa

“The Corsa is one of our most important models in Europe and accounts for around one-quarter of Opel’s total sales volume. Depending on the version, it is the perfect car for singles and couples as well as for the whole family,” says Peter Küspert, Opel/Vauxhall Vice President Sales and Aftersales.

The Corsa A debuted in 1982 to much acclaim, selling 3.1 units over its decade-plus lifespan. Sales only improved for the second generation, when the longer and more advanced Corsa B racked up more than 4 million units moved. Designer Hideo Kodama returned for the third-gen Oepl Corsa C, which grew wider and longer and improved performance and efficiency with a four-cylinder ECOTEC gasoline engine. The fourth-gen Corsa D introduced more fuel saving technology between 2006 and 2014, building momentum for the successful launch of the current-gen Corsa.

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first-gen Opel Corsa A

The sixth-generation Opel Corsa is expected to launch in 2020 as one of—if not the first—vehicles built exclusively using PSA Group IP.