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Nissan Expands EV Reach, Sells First LEAF in Puerto Rico

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First LEAF in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is one of the top contenders for the title of Earth’s closest encapsulation of what paradise should be. Appropriately enough, the people of Puerto Rico will now be able to buy the Nissan LEAF in order to preserve those gorgeous blue skies for generations to come. The first LEAF in Puerto Rico was recently sold off to a family-owned business which was so impressed with Nissan’s EV’s eco-friendliness that it figured why not just buy two.

“We were very anxious for the arrival of the LEAF. Nissan decided to bring them here and we were delighted to make the purchase. The vehicle has given us excellent results,” said Victor González, owner of Windmar Renewable Energy, Inc.

“For Puerto Rico, the LEAF is ideal because of the distances we drive on a daily basis,” González added. Everyone’s reaction has been incredible. Everyone is very impressed with the car. Since it is 100 percent electric, everyone is very impressed with the vehicle’s performance. It is the perfect vehicle for the island of Puerto Rico.”

The first Nissan LEAF in Puerto Rico (as well as the second) further expands the market for the world’s most popular electric car. More than 130,000 LEAFs have sold in 35 countries across four continents. Next stop: Antarctica!

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First LEAF in Puerto Rico

Source: Nissan