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Flame-Throwing Lazer 917 For Sale on Craigslist

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Lazer 917 Front End

The custom-made Lazer 917
Photo: Craigslist

When you are shopping for a new car, have you ever looked at your options and just thought, “If only that car had a flame thrower”? Well, if you answered an astounding “Yes!” to that question, then hold on to your hats—there is a Lazer 917 out there with your name on it.

Back in the free-loving, high-flying 70s and 80s, the Lazer 917 was a popular kit car capable of turning any old Volkswagen Beetle into a sexy (and by sexy, I mean goofy) Porsche look-alike. Now, it looks like at least one of these out-of-the-box Lazer 917 models is making a comeback. A posting on Craigslist recently listed a special edition model for sale. While this Lazer 917 has all the typical characteristics of a typical model—falcon doors and all—it also has something you wouldn’t expect—a flamer thrower. Because really—who doesn’t want a flame thrower custom fitted to their car?

Lazer 917 Flame Thrower

Some might say this Lazer 917 is on fire!
Photo: Craigslist

If your answer to that question is, “Not me,” then maybe you should consider the fact that this flame thrower isn’t the only gem the bright-blue 917 has to offer. It also has a taser hood ornament. That’s right. A taser hood ornament.

Talk about deterring auto theft…

Here’s a description of the car straight from the ad itself:

We bought a ‘64 VW with a 1600cc dual port motor and a 12V electrical system that was in amazingly good condition. This became the mechanical basis for the car. Then we added the following features:

Flame thrower – We developed a propane-based flame thrower that sticks up from the roof at about 45 degrees. While less spectacular than having flames come out the exhaust pipes, it’s also much less dangerous.

Taser hood ornament – We spotted a guy selling “stun guns” at a Tucson swap meet. Impressed by the 2” spark and the ripping sound it made, we bought one and made a hood ornament out of it.

Rear view TV camera – Since the back windshield is small, the TV camera lets us keep on eye what’s creeping up behind.

Fender skirts on all the wheels – Since using stock VW wheels and tires puts them considerably inside the fenders, we can turn the front wheels lock to lock without hitting our front skirts. A great look!

Hovercraft look – In addition to the skirts, we hung a fringe of outdoor carpeting totally around the car making it look a bit like a hovercraft. We protect the carpet where it might scrape the road with foam, tubular pipe insulation that can be easily replaced when it becomes too frayed.

It’s street legal. We often drive it around it with the doors propped open, sort of a “bird of prey look.” Lots of people pass us with their cell phones out the window taking our pictures.”

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the best Lazer 917 ever, I understand. It’s only $5,500, after all.

Watch this flame-throwing, tasing car in action below:

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