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Flying Drone Camera Captures Winged C7 Corvette

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A Blue Laguna C7 Corvette's burnout is captured by a flying drone camera

A Blue Laguna C7 Corvette’s burnout is filmed by a flying drone camera

Drones can be many different things: unmanned killing machines, Amazon package delivery devices, and invaluable videography tools. Here, we have an example of a drone camera acting in the latter capacity, as it provides a bird’s eye view of an awesome Corvette burnout.

The Vette in question is a custom winged-door Laguna Blue C7 Corvette, which is a vehicle that would look sexy no matter what, but looks even sexier thanks to these cool drone camera angles.

The video comes to us courtesy of Corvette Forum, which notes that drones are currently only legal in 11 states. But if more legislators saw this video, perhaps they’d be more inclined to embrace this new technology.

Via: Corvette Forum