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For Sale: Chop-Top 2004 Nissan Maxima with Suicide Doors and Italian Leather Seats

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With the redesigned 2016 model coming out this year, it seems that a good number of people have entirely forgotten there was a Maxima that came before.

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However, there is no Maxima–either from the past or coming out–that is like the one which recently came up for auction on eBay: a chop-top 2004 Maxima “roadster” with Italian leather seats and suicide doors.

Chop-top maxima side view

Yup. This thing.

Obviously, this is not standard. The 2004 Maxima came in two trim levels, both 4-door sedans with quite permanent roofs and doors that faced the same way.

Chopping the roof off presents a problem: without the support, the car might just sag to the ground under its own weight. Conveniently, the owner tells us there is a solution: a reinforcing lattice unit made of 1-inch metal tubes stretching from the firewall to behind the rear seats and from one side to the other.

chop-top maxima suicide door open

You wouldn’t want to add more problems to a car that seems to have been notorious for transmission failure

There were a few more alterations made to the car – it was lowered two inches and now sports stainless steel exhaust, drilled rotors, and colored Infiniti rims.

The roofless car did not sell. The bidding reached $10,100, but did not meet the seller’s reserve price (i.e. the minimum the seller would accept), so it still remains in the hands of the seller (and presumably somewhere in Iowa where it never rains).

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