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Ford Wins 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Owners’ Championship

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2014 NASCAR Nationwide Owners' Championship

The No. 22 Hertz Mustang won six races en route to earning Penske the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Owners’ Championship

Ever since Ford Racing brought the Mustang into the Nationwide Series fold full-time back in 2011, all it’s done is rack up championships. This most recent season’s campaign will not stand as the exception, as Ford has won the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Owners’ Championship, appropriately enough, at the Ford EcoBoost 300.

Also appropriate is the fact that it came down to resident NASCAR bad guy Brad Keselowski to get the job done for Team Penske, just as he had done all season. Keselowski only needed to finish 25th to put the title away for Ford, but he finished eighth just to make sure there was no doubt about who reigns supreme.

“It’s obvious that Nationwide means so much to us because it’s the proving ground, the testing ground for our crew chiefs, young drivers and there’s no question when you see Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson and the people who come up through that series that it means a lot to us,” said team owner Roger Penske. “It’s also the mechanics and over-the-wall guys that we train there, so, to me, this was a team effort at Team Penske.  Everyone did so much to make this happen and obviously it didn’t come down until the last lap there that we knew we had it, so two years in a row.

“I think we have four championships here over the last few years and that’s really important to us as we go forward,” Penske added.

It’s indeed four in the last four. Since 2011, the Mustang has claimed two NASCAR Nationwide Series Drivers’ Championships and two Owners’ Championships.

This season, The No. 22 Hertz Ford Mustang put together an impressive six wins, five of which belonged to Brad Keselowski. Ryan Blaney pulled in an additional win to bring the Mustang’s four-season win total to 43.’