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Ford Added Storage Space to 2017 Fusion Interior Because Y’all Have So Many Smart Devices

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2017 Ford Fusion Interior Console Storage

Kids these days and their dang devices.

According to the Pew Research Center, 33% of all Americans own a smartphone, tablet, and personal computer, up 140% over the course of three years. Additionally, 68% of all adults have a smartphone, 45% own a tablet, 14% own a portable gaming device, and 19% own some brand of e-book reader. So maybe criticizing kids for having so many devices isn’t as apt as saying everyone has so many dang devices.

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Irrespective of age groups or the functions of various electronic devices, the prevalence of smartphones and tablets and everything else under the sun with a touchscreen has led Ford to reconsider the layout of new vehicles like the 2017 Ford Fusion. The new Fusion has 59% more storage space in the console and features numerous new design tweaks to promote ease-of-use. This includes a phone pocket, three-inch increase in armrest length and inclusion of a clamshell design, and a new media bin complete with lighted USB port and storage slot for smartphones.

“People love the look and feel of Fusion, but there are always things we can do to make it better,” says Kelly Whetstone, Ford vehicle architecture supervisor for Fusion. “So we looked at customer feedback, and then we honed in on the storage capability of the car.”

This additional space is facilitated by the addition of a rotary gear shift dial as opposed to the traditional shift stick. This not only creates additional space for storage, but it has enabled Ford to provide the 2017 Fusion with NEW CUP HOLDERS. These cup holders are considered more functional for about 95% of the population, as Whetstone explains that it prevents people from bumping their elbows on cups.

Okay, so maybe adapting to all these dang devices ain’t such a dang bad thing after all.

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