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Ford and IBM Team Up for Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform

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Ford Dynamic Shuttle App

Ford is teaming with IBM to create a new pilot platform that aims to make day-to-day decision-making behind the wheel easier, from helping to find parking to determining alternate means of getting to one’s destination in a traffic jam.

The Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform leverages IBM streaming analytics delivered through the IBM Cloud to continuously update data regarding trends and patterns. This platform will inform Ford’s various mobility solutions including GoPark Painless Parking and Dynamic Shuttle, and in being able to spot and isolate patterns, it will help give users the information necessary to get around otherwise unpleasant situations.

“Ford’s Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform takes huge amounts of information and breaks it down to help consumers have better travel experiences,” said Rich Strader, Ford director, enterprise and emerging information technology.

In the example of GoPark Painless Parking, the Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform will be able to use a driver’s every move as predictive data and, as a result, send updates upon entering a parking lot regarding open spaces and where they are located.