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Ford and Lincoln Dealers Donated $89 Million in 2013

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Ford and Lincoln dealers

Ford and Lincoln dealers gave an estimated $89 million to local causes and nonprofits over the course of 2013.

When it comes to giving back to their community, Ford and Lincoln dealers across the United States sure know what they’re doing. According to Ford Motor Company’s annual Survey on Dealer Giving, Ford and Lincoln dealers gave an estimated $89 million to local causes and nonprofits over the course of 2013, proof that Ford really does support its “Go Further” motto.

The survey is part of Ford’s 14th annual Salute to Dealers awards, which will be held at the 2014 National Automobile Dealers Association Convention in New Orleans. In the survey, Ford Motor Company found that 96% of dealers who responded said they give money to local causes, while 86% volunteer time with this causes as well. 92% of the Ford and Lincoln dealers want to make a difference in their communities and 69% support local causes as a tradition.

“These amazing results illustrate the breadth of giving from our U.S. dealers—both to local causes and nonprofits around the world,” said Edsel B. Ford II, overseer of the Salute to Dealers awards program and a member of the Ford Board of Directors. “These dealers’ passion for making a difference in the lives of their customers and their communities is a value they pass on to their employees and future generations.”

Ford’s 14th annual Salute to Dealers awards will recognize six dealers across the globe who were exceptional in giving back to their communities. These winners include Divonsir Bastos Cardoso in Brazil, Cam Clark in Canada, Sujeet Singh Gehlot in India, William Kindle in New Jersey, Randy Nehring in South Dakota, and Randall Reed in Texas.

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