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Ford Announces X-Car Program at Go Further South Africa

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In an effort to better understand the challenges it faces in applying its Smart Mobility plan around the globe, Ford announced that it will be conducting a number of experiments and challenges around the world. By getting a better sense of the needs of consumers in various global markets, Ford intends to find the ideal solutions for all mobility situations.

Among the announcements made today at Go Further South Africa 2015 is the Ford X-Car Social Innovation Action Partnership Program, which will use Ford vehicles as a means to provide goods and services in needy communities. Ideally, X-Car will allow greater access to health care and clean water in poorer African regions without the need for costly infrastructure development.

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“The Ford X-Car program could potentially give our community members greater accessibility to improved vaccination coverage and critical healthcare, thereby decreasing the mortality rate. World Vision envisions directing or transporting, patients to emergency facilities. For example, maternal deaths are still a huge challenge in rural South Africa with 310 deaths for every 100,000 births in 2011,” said Cheryl Ennis Self, Executive Director, Global Social Partnerships, World Vision USA.

Ford also announced that it’s working with Riders for Health to launch its Data Driven Healthcare experiment in Gambia. DDH will use data collection technology to map out areas that may be otherwise undefined in order to create the opportunity for more efficient vehicle usage and more timely delivery of aid.

Other experiments include the GoDrive and Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing programs and the MoDe:Pro eBike.

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