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Ford, Antonio Banderas Join Forces For 7th Starlite Gala

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Antonio Banderas and the new Ford Mustang at the 7th Starlite Gala

It takes a lot to be as handsome at 50 as you were in your 20s, but it is a trait that both the Ford Mustang and actor Antonio Banderas have in common. It is appropriate, then, that Banderas and the original pony car were two of the biggest stars on the red carpet at the 7th Starlite Gala, which took place in Marbella, Spain earlier this month.

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This year’s Starlite Gala benefitted two charities: Niños en Alegría  (Children in Joy), founded by Sandra García-Sanjuán and Alejandra Aleman; and Lágrimas y Favores (Tears and Favors), founded by Banderas.

Prior to the gala, Banderas and his new partner, Nicole Kimpel, were on-hand for the presentation of a brand-new Mustang that was later auctioned off at the gala. All proceeds from the auction were given to both charities.

“For me it is very important to be here to support this initiative,” said Banderas, who also praised Ford for dedicating its efforts to the Starlite Gala, which is one of the primary sources of fundraising for Tears and Favors. The stated mission of Banderas’ foundation is aiding university students and cancer patients in bettering their lives. Beneficiaries can include students born in Malaga who lack economic resources but display exemplary dedication to education, and individuals suffering from cancer and in need of palliative care.

This year’s event was also attended by a number of celebrities, including Sarah Ferguson, Juan Ramón Lucas, and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, and was presented by humorist Carlos Latre and model Valeria Mazza.

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