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Ford Calls Upon the Dragon in Commercials Starring Dragon Ball Z Characters

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Chevrolet will just have to settle for NarutoPhoto: BagoGames

Chevrolet will just have to settle for Naruto
Photo: BagoGames

When it comes to cars, Ford doesn’t sell ordinary sedans. According to its latest marketing strategy, the brand instead sells Super Saiyan Sedans!

Goku and the crew star in Ford’s latest marketing campaign based on the popular Japanese series Dragon Ball Z. 

This somewhat bizarre campaign is an online-only marketing initiative that has appeared on YouTube and other internet outlets. One can assume it is Ford’s latest attempt to reach out to millennials, this time using Anime-induced nostalgia.

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Commercial 1: The Ultimate Wish Is Granted

During the first commercial, Dragon Ball Z characters Krillin and  Gohan gather the Dragon Balls and summon the Namekian Dragon, not to be confused with his more famous Earth-counterpart Shenron. Krillin and Gohan proceed to ask the dragon for three separate cars, all with different features and amenities. Meanwhile, the poor dragon tries in vain to explain that the Ford Focus has everything they want in one car.

Commercial 2: Ford Fusion Technique

In the second commercial, Trunks (son of Vegeta) and Goten (son of Goku) use a fusion technique and combine to become… a Ford Fusion? Regardless, the usually stoic Piccolo seems rather impressed by the power of the sedan.

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The use of Dragon Ball Z characters  in order to sell cars becomes even more bizarre and ironic when one considers just how bad the cast of the show is at driving, with Goku and Piccolo taking the gold and silver medals in motorist endangerment.

If these commercials are to be believed, all the protectors of Earth needed in order to defeat the likes of Frieza and Cell was a fully-equipped 2016 Ford Fusion.

2016 Ford Fusion

The 2016 Ford Fusion: Ally to good, nightmare to you!

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