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Ford Subjects Its Vehicles to Crazy Conditions in Climate Chamber

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Climate Chamber

Ford put the Shelby GT350 through its paces in its Climate Chamber

Winter weather takes a toll on your vehicle in a number of ways: it drains your tires of precious air and makes them far less effective, makes your engine considerably more susceptible to cracking and damage, and reduces fuel economy significantly with increased friction and more drag among other factors.

Ford wants to do everything it possibly can to ensure that its vehicles are well-prepared against cold and inclement weather, which is why engineers at the Climate Chamber at the Drivability Test Facility in Allen Park, Michigan are constantly taking new cars and trucks to their limits.

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“We can simulate really almost any weather extreme on planet Earth,” says John Toth, Project and Facility Engineer, Ford Motor Company. “We can go with temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as hot as 130 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Granted, chances are pretty good that you’re unlikely to experience temperatures that extreme unless they’re taking their Mustang for a spin in Antarctica or Al ‘Aziziyah, but it’s reassuring to know that Ford’s thought about it if that just so happens to be a dream of yours.

Climate Chamber

Particularly reassuring: the vehicle that the video shows being tested in the Climate Chamber is the wholly-amazing Shelby GT350, which might actually be a lot of fun to drive in Al ‘Aziziyah. SAND HOON!