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Ford Details Available 2015 Mustang Audio Systems

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2015 Mustang AudioWith almost every minute detail about the 2015 Mustang out in the public for a ravenous public to consume, Ford is still trying to make folks salivate over the prospect of owning one by looking at each and every little way that the 2015 model improves on the example set by predecessors. Today, they’ve informed us that the new Mustang will not only be the best-driving, best-braking, and best-handling Mustang ever built, but that it will also be the best-for-listening-to-music ever built.

“As our team developed this Mustang, the goal was to improve the car’s fidelity in every respect – from the way it slices through a corner to the way the audio system reproduces the sound of favorite driving songs,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “The process of rebuilding this car from the ground up allowed us to improve all aspects of the driving experience.”

One of those aspects includes the way that audio sounds in the Mustang’s cabin. The 2015 model comes with three audio systems, and Ford promises that all three available systems improves significantly upon those offered in the 2014 model.

Starting with the six-speaker system, moving up to the nine-speaker system with eight-inch touchscreen, and topping out with the 12-speaker ShakerPro with trunk-mounted subwoofer, each Mustang audio system benefits from improved acoustics and engineering, which allows for the use of lighter and slimmer door speakers.

The nine- and 12-speaker audio systems both add a front center speaker mounted atop the instrument panel, an 8+1-channel amp, and powerful neodymium magnet speakers. The nine-speaker system adds a second 6.5-inch door speaker, and the 12-speaker Shaker Pro System (available only on Mustang EcoBoost Premium and Mustang GT Premium) gets 12 polymer cone speakerstwo coaxial tweeter/woofers in the rear, and a subwoofer mounted in the rear corner of the trunk that maximizes available space.

“Whether it’s a V8 rumble or ‘Mustang Sally,’ we’ve worked to make this the best-sounding Mustang ever,” said Joe Kafati, multimedia systems supervisor.

So the 2015 Mustang audio systems will make the sixth-gen ‘Stang the best-sounding ever built. Stay tuned for details on how the 2015 Mustang also has the best windshield-wiping capabilities.

Source: Ford Motor Company