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Ford Donates Innovation Park to Michigan Organizations

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Ford Innovation Park

Ford dazzled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show with its Innovation Park exhibit, which emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability by utilizing various elements from nature. Now, it is putting the display to good use by donating the exhibit to two organizations located in Southeast Michigan.


The concept behind the Innovation Park was to highlight aspects of nature that are vital to maintaining a natural ecosystem and that Ford leverages in sustainable processes to reduce its overall impact on the environment. For example, Ford uses soy-based materials in its vehicle interiors in order to reduce its use of petroleum oil by more than 5 million pounds every year.

Other materials used in Ford’s vehicle manufacturing processes include tropical kenaf, wheat-fiber, dandelions, coconut husks, and tomato skins among others.

Ford Innovation Park

In accordance to Ford’s wishes, the trees and various plants used in the display are being moved to the greenhouses of Belle Isle Park. More than forty sections of concrete used to anchor the Innovation Park are being donated to North Star Reach, a non-profit that runs year-round camps for sick children.

“We are thrilled to bring the Park home to North Star Reach for our campers and families to enjoy for generations to come,” said North Star Reach founder and CEO Doug Armstrong. “Our construction team is ensuring the Park will be installed to be universally accessible for all campers.”