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Ford EcoBoost Sales in China Hit 1 Million Milestone

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One million EcoBoost-equipped Vehicles in China

Ford recently achieved a major milestone in China when it sold its one-millionth vehicle equipped with an EcoBoost engine. What’s more, Ford hit the mark within five years of introducing the technology to China, where the brand has increased its foothold as a brand preferred by those looking for both efficiency and quality since 2011.

“Ford’s EcoBoost technology offers our customers the capability of performance and fuel efficiency,” said Pete Hardigan, Ford’s director of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering in Asia Pacific. “It exemplifies the promise of ‘Mileage You Need, Power You Want’, which allows our customers to experience great fuel economy when they drive in an ecofriendly manner and outstanding performance when they need it.”

According to Ford, the one million EcoBoost engines have combined to save approximately 450 million liters of fuel, which is just about enough gasoline to drive a Ford Kuga around the equator 146,000 times. Not that, you know, anybody would want to or be capable of driving a Kuga around the world at its hottest point that many times.

The sale of 1 million EcoBoost engines has also helped cut CO2 emissions by more than one million metric tons. Ford did not offer a convenient “that’s like” comparison for this statistic.

Ford notes that the Kuga is the most popular vehicle in its lineup among EcoBoost customers. The Kuga and Mondeo alone account for about 70% of all EcoBoost-equipped vehicles sold in China, with Kuga sales totaling around 400,000 and Mondeo sales hovering around 300,000. Currently, 90% of all passenger vehicles Ford sells in China are offered with EcoBoost engines, including Focus, Explorer, and Mustang.