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Ford Employees Worldwide to Volunteer Time on 325 Projects for Global Caring Month

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Ford Global Caring Month September 2017

September marks Ford Motor Company’s Global Caring Month, and it will see Blue Oval employees around the globe participating in projects and initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of others in their communities.

Ford reports that approximately 325 projects will be undertaken on six continents during the course of September, ranging from the installation of water tanks at a campground for disadvantaged youths in Australia to the restoration of an activity center for children and refurbishment of a shelter for the homeless in the United Kingdom.

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“Ford volunteers are providing life-changing assistance to disadvantaged children and families by improving access to clean water, food, and shelter,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund. “Each project and every volunteer is important to comfort and care for people now, and to inspire work toward sustainable solutions that lift up communities for the long-term.”

“Few things are as gratifying as sharing some of your good fortune with those less fortunate,” said Janet Lawson, director, Ford Volunteer Corps. “Ford employees are helping people overcome obstacles to a better life and in the process, they are building stronger communities that benefit all of us.”

The lynchpin of Ford’s Global Caring Month will be a Ford Accelerated Action Day on September 15th that will focus on community building in Michigan. Ford volunteers from 24 states will participate in 115 projects in the United States alone, and Ford Fund will contribute $700,000 in grants and nonprofits to help purchase equipment used to complete the projects.

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