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Ford Expanding Powered by Ford STEM Academy Network

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Ford STEM Academy Network

Ford has announced that it will be adding four new career academies to its network in Detroit in order to provide as many as 1,400 students with education in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and IT.

Ford’s Powered by Ford STEM Academy network currently spans four academies in three different locations—Volusia County, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, and Utica, Michigan. The addition of the four academies in the Detroit area will double the number of students trained by the program to 2,800.

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“These academies are an innovative way to invest in our future workforce,” said Felicia Fields, group vice president, Human Resources, Ford Motor Company. “Not only do they help students make the connection between classroom learning and a career, they address our need for workers with strong technical backgrounds.”

Ford says that it intends to add at least 12 more academies to the network by 2020, which will accommodate more than 7,000 students around the country.

Students who attend the Powered by Ford STEM Academy remain at their regular high school, only they focus on standards-based core academics focused on engineering, IT, and manufacturing. The four schools being added in Detroit include the Detroit Leadership Academy, Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men, Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody, and Osborn Collegiate Academy of Math, Science, and Technology.

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