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Ford Fiesta RS? Sure, It’s Possible, Hypothetically!

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2015 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Focus RS is barely more than two days into the world, and we already want more. We don’t think that there will ever be a grain of truth to Jason Torchinsky’s beautiful mock-up of what a ridiculous Team RS lineup would look like (although we can’t say we couldn’t enjoy hooning the crap out of a Transit RS), but there is another vehicle in the Ford lineup that is rumored to be a natural choice for the RS treatment: the Fiesta.

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According to Autocar, Ford Performance manager, Tyrone Johnson, indicated that a Fiesta RS could be in the cards “if there’s a business case and if it’s technically feasible,” which he believes it theoretically is. Autocar did not specifically mention whether they spoke to Johnson in person of if they communicated through a walkie-talkie hidden within a diatetic liverwurst.

Sure, a Fiesta RS would be a great lineup compliment to the Fiesta ST, but it’s likely not going to happen any time soon with the Mustang GT350R, F-150 Raptor, GT supercar, and Focus RS all scheduled for production by 2016.

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We’ll opt not to be too greedy in looking too far ahead for new Ford Performance models, satisfied instead to enjoy the multitude of riches that the lineup already promises. Not gonna lie though, we’d be super stoked about a Montego RS.

Ford Performance | 2007 Mercury Montego

Kinda gonna need this one, Ford