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Ford Channels Hank Scorpio for Quickclear Heated Windscreen Commercial

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Quickclear Heated Windscreen

“Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?”

There are few features that drivers take for granted more in the summer and can’t live without in the winter than a heated windshield. Ford’s been offering electrically heated windshields, known throughout Europe as the Quickclear Heated Windscreen, since the 1985 Ford Scorpio.

Funny enough, every time I hear the name Scorpio, I can’t help but think of this guy:

Hank Scorpio | Quickclear Heated Windscreen

The flamethrower-wielding owner of Globex may or may not have served as some type of inspiration for this clever little commercial for the Fiesta ST, compliments of the folks at Ford Germany:

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“Ice, Ice Baby,” which is scored unsurprisingly by the 1989 smash hit from one Robert Van Winkle, shows two young lads cruising around emancipated from winter’s icy touch.

While they reap the rewards of the Quickclear Heated Windscreen, they happen across neighbors trying everything they can to unthaw their windshields and start their day. We venture from the typical ice scraper to two women employing hairdryers before encountering the more destructive method of busting out one’s windshield with a pickaxe and, eventually, the Hank Scorpio-esque use of a flamethrower.

Quickclear Heated Windscreen

They even toss in a quick callback to A Christmas Story for good measure. I’m sure you didn’t get enough of that at your parents’ house this past week, so here you go:

Tongue on Lightpost

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