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Ford Has Plans to Cut 2015 Mustang’s Weight By 400 Pounds or More

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2015 Mustang's weight

The current Ford Mustang: if Ford cuts the 2015 Mustang’s weight, how different will it look?

At the dawn of every new year, gyms across America fill with folks looking to stick to their resolutions and drop excess weight.  As the weeks and months drag along, the herd thins as people suddenly rediscover that 1) exercise is, like, hard and 2) chocolate things are delicious and decide yeah, maybe this whole fitness thing can wait until next year.  Ford has become apprised of its Mustang GT’s considerable weight problem—it does weigh in at a rather bulky 3,600 pounds, after all—and has pledged to trim the fat for 2015.

Edmunds is reporting that Ford plans to make the 2015 incarnation of its world-famous sports car both smaller and slimmer, with an anonymous source stating that Ford intends to reduce the 2015 Mustang GT’s vehicle weight by “a minimum of 400 pounds” over its current-year and 2014 counterparts.

This would put the 2015 Mustang at around 3,100 to 3,200 pounds, which ought to serve to improve the GT’s acceleration, handling, and fuel economy considerably.  This could, however, lead to a price hike of around 10 percent; but as anyone who follows through with their weight-loss goals can attest, it’s only natural to spent a bit more money on making yourself look good when you feel slimmer.

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