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Ford Hid the GT Supercar in a Basement Until LA Debut

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Ford GT

Ford GT

These days, keeping a brand-new vehicle completely under wraps is nigh impossible. Even the most cautious outings are likely to lead to spy shots and speculation all over the web, which is particularly troublesome when you’re trying to conceal a vehicle as distinctive as the Ford GT.

So how was Ford able to keep its amazing-looking GT supercar completely hidden up until its debut in Los Angeles last month? According to Automotive News, it was a positively black ops affair.


Auto News reveals that, under the codename Phoenix, the Ford GT was hidden away in the basement of the Ford Product Development Center like some kind of beautiful Quasimodo. Very few Ford employees were allowed access to the basement, and they were only able to gain entry via an old fashioned metal key. The six designers working on the car weren’t even allowed to tell their loved ones what they were doing.

“A lot of people probably knew something was going on, but no one actually knew” what the project was, Moray Callum, Ford’s global design chief, said in an interview. “This was probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get to do a vehicle like this. I’m still pinching myself that we’re actually doing it.”

According to the report, the project to revitalize the GT began under Alan Mulally, and when he passed the CEO mantle onto Mark Fields, his successor and product development chief Raj Nair were the men who pushed the GT across the finish line.

It’s certainly a good thing that they did, because what we have with the Ford GT is a vehicle of almost unparalleled awesomeness.


News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)