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Ford Introduces Child Safety Program to Plant Communities

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Child Safety Program

Ford introduces a new Child Safety Program into their plants around the US.

Thousands of families across the country have just gotten a bit safer thanks to a partnership between UAW-Ford and the American Football Coaches Association’s National Child Identification Program.  This partnership has allowed UAW-Ford to distribute inkless fingerprinting kits to its plant employees free of charge so that they are able to keep a record of their children’s identity in case the information is needed by law enforcement in the future.

“Safety is the No. 1 priority at Ford and it is also our responsibility to look out for the safety of our employees’ families, as well as our neighbors,” said Marty Mulloy, Ford vice president for labor affairs. “The ultimate goal of the National Child Identification Program is to provide an ID kit for every child in the United States, and we’re proud to partner with the UAW to help them achieve that goal.”

For every kit distributed to a UAW-Ford employee, another kit is donated to families in the communities surrounding Ford manufacturing plants through local schools, churches, and law enforcement. There will also be 50,000 kits donated to Detroit Public Schools. An estimated total of 225,000 kits will be delivered to families across the country.